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Dogs That Shed All Year Round

Dogs That Shed All Year Round

Many dog owners believe their companions to be as sensitive and intuitive as people. Yet many canines sport one feature that humans don't experience frequently: the constant shedding of hair. People who suffer from allergies should be especially aware of breeds that shed often. These dogs demand regular and consistent grooming to manage all of the hair.

Old English Sheepdog

    Old English sheepdogs are unsurprising shedders. What may catch many owners by pleasant surprise is the minimal amount of hair that is actually shed. Despite the volume of hair, Old English sheepdogs' hair can be managed with consistent and thorough grooming habits. Seasoned owners know to care for the dog's coat daily and, thus, rarely complain of shedding. The harsh outer coat and pillowlike undercoat is indeed more susceptible to matting problems than most breeds.


    Allergy sufferers may look to breeds of dog with a short coat, such as the beagle, as ideal canine friends. This hound is in fact a notorious shedder. The dander that emanates from its trim fur can inflame allergies. Beagle adorers who are affected by allergens but won't give up their howler are advised to brush the breed often. The primary shedding season for beagles is springtime, and winter sees the least amount of hair.

Siberian Husky

    Having been bred to withstand cold temperatures, the Siberian husky sports a double coat that is guaranteed to shed in a major way at least once a year. Some owners, especially living in warm climates, believe that shaving the hair off is an effective shedding remedy. Shaving a Siberian husky is ill advised. The second layer of the husky's coat insulates them from both the cold and the heat. Substantial grooming is essential to manage the shedding.


    Golden, Labrador, Flat-Coated, Chesapeake Bay and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling retrievers all feature amiable personalities. They are also known to shed profusely, at least twice a year. As with other breeds, the springtime is a major shedding season. In the autumn, retrievers also will shed their lighter summer coat to make way for a weightier coat for the winter. An effective way to combat and accelerate the inevitable shedding is consistent brushing and regular bathing.

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