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Diets for Dogs With Eczema

All breeds of dog can suffer from chronic eczema, or dermatitis, which is an uncomfortable skin condition that can cause irritation and itching. Sometimes, this condition can be caused as a result of poor diet and nutrition. There are specific foods and diets that you can feed your dog to help alleviate its symptoms.

Check Current Food

    Many dog owners feed their dog the cheapest food on the market, which may be kind to your wallet but is not healthy for your dog. Inexpensive dog foods often lack high-quality ingredients as well as essential vitamins and nutrients that your dog needs. Improper nourishment can cause dermatitis to develop, and can also cause a number of other health complications. Check your current food brand and compare it to higher grade brands.

Talk to a Veterinarian

    Express your concerns to a veterinarian and ask her which food brands she recommends. Ideally, dog food should contain only human-grade ingredients, as well as all the important vitamins and nutrients your dog needs.

Switch to a Meat-Based Diet

    According to, many pet owners are amazed to see the improvement in their dog's eczema as a result of switching to a high-grade meat-based formula. If the dog food you are using is mostly meat-based, the first ingredient listed will be beef, lamb, chicken, fish, or veal. Avoid foods that list rice and other vegetables before the meat. Protein is essential in treating nutritional dermatitis in dogs.

Add a supplement

    Sometimes an extra dietary supplement is needed in treating canine eczema. Omega fatty acid supplements are great for improving your dog's coat and skin condition. Combining this with a high-quality meat-based diet should clear up most outbreaks of eczema on your dog's skin.

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