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Chesapeake Bay Retriever Puppy Training

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Puppy Training

The Chesapeake Bay retriever originated in Maryland from the breeding of Newfoundlands and local retrievers such as the flat-coat retriever, the curly-coated retriever and the English otter hound, states the American Kennel Club. The dog is bred to retrieve birds from both land and water. The dog is able to swim in extremely cold water due to water-repellent oils in its coat and its webbed feet.

Time Frame

    Training a Chesapeake Bay retriever as a young puppy helps build a base for future obedience and more difficult commands. The Chesapeake Bay retriever is sometimes slow to learn, according to the "Dog Breed Info Center" website, so teaching basic commands such as "sit," "down," "stay" and "come" when the puppy is young cements these commands in the pup's mind for future training.


    The main benefit of training a Chesapeake Bay retriever as a puppy is that the dog should be obedient by the time it reaches its adult weight of 55 to 80 pounds. An untrained 80-pound dog can be a problem to walk, but a small puppy can easily be leash-trained. Socializing the puppy from a young age helps it grow into a well-balanced adult dog.


    Training is not optional for this dog breed, states the "Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief and Rescue" website, and puppies are easier to train than adults. The Chesapeake Bay retriever has a dominant personality if they do not have clear rules and leadership, says the "Dog Breed Info Center" website. Setting the house rules and sticking to them with no exceptions helps the dog realize that you are in charge.


    A well-trained Chesapeake Bay retriever puppy can become a hunting dog or compete in events such as obedience, field trials and agility as an adult, states Chesapeake breeder and trainer Butch Goodwin from Northern Flight Performance Retrievers. Dog trainer Norma Bennett Woolf writes that Chesapeakes are often used as drug-sniffing dogs, therapy and assistance dogs, sled dogs and livestock helpers.


    The Chesapeake Bay retriever is a high-energy dog and can become destructive if not exercised enough, according to the "Dog Breed Info Center" website. Training the puppy and competing in a dog sport when it is old enough burns off energy and prevents behaviors such as inappropriate chewing.

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