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Characteristics of the Scottish Terrier Dog

Characteristics of the Scottish Terrier Dog

Scottish terriers or Scotties, as they are commonly called, are the original and oldest terrier breed of the Scottish Highlands. Anatomically designed for power and endurance, these dogs were initially bred to track and kill rodents and small game. Introduced in America in the 1890s, these hard working dogs rank in the top 50 registered dogs of the 148 breeds presently recognized by the American Kennel Club.


    Full grown Scottish terriers reach a height of around 10 inches tall at the withers. The length of the back from the withers to the tail set should measure approximately 11 inches. Females weigh approximately 18 to 21 lbs. and males weigh around 19 to 22 lbs.


    Scottish terriers have a small, compact, sturdy confirmation designed for endurance and power. They have a fairly short body, short legs, muscular hindquarters and a deep, broad chest. In proportion to the rest of the body, the head of a Scottie looks long and the skull has a flat, vaguely rounded appearance. The muzzle has an equal length to that of the skull with a slight taper to the large, black nose. The nose extends slightly over the mouth, giving the appearance that the upper jaw is longer than the lower jaw. Their small, almond-shaped dark brown to almost black eyes are positioned wide apart in under the brow bone. The small, pointed ears set far up on the skull define the alert and intelligent expression of the Scottish terrier breed. The thick, short and muscular neck blends evenly into laid back shoulders.

Coat and Color

    Adult Scottish terriers have a harsh, wiry, weather-resistant outer coat and a thick, soft undercoat. Slightly softer, longer hairs grow on the beard, lower body and legs. Common Scottish terrier coat colors include gray, wheaten, black and brindle. Many blacks and brindles have scatterings of white or silver hairs and a touch of white on the chest or chin.


    Scottish terriers have a characteristically spirited nature which often necessitates obedience training. These busy, playful and investigative dogs require regular exercise on a leash, as they have a strong instinct to chase. The determined and thoughtful Scottie makes a gentle, loving house pet but they can be aggressive with other dogs.

Fun Fact

    The Scottish terrier holds the record for being the only breed of dog that has lived in the White House three times. Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower and George W. Bush were owners of this breed.

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