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Characteristics of a Chihuahua-Manchester Terrier Mix

Characteristics of a Chihuahua-Manchester Terrier Mix

Although they probably evolved from the same species, dog breeds have distinctly different appearances and traits. Chihuahuas are the oldest breed of American dog, a very small breed usually used for companionship. The Manchester terrier comes in two small sizes, and has some similarities to chihuahuas' personalities. When these two breeds are mixed, the outcome is a half breed that gets some of the traits from each of its parents, creating a new animal.


    Purebred dogs have an appearance that passes from parent to child, retaining the breed's standard traits. When a breed is mixed with another breed, however, the resulting animal receives a random mixture of these genes. Chihuahuas have large ears and eyes, while Manchester terriers have small eyes and pointy ears that stick up. Manchester terriers are black and brown while chihuahuas can appear in many colors. Half breed puppies have any mix of these traits.


    Puppies resulting from a mix of chihuahuas and Manchester terriers will inherit the needs of their parents. Both of these dogs have easy to maintain coats; most chihuahuas have short hair as does the Manchester terrier. These dogs require only occasional brushing. Some chihuahuas have long fur; mixes that inherit this require more grooming. Manchester terriers have a lot of energy and require daily walks while chihuahuas are playful; their puppies require regular exercise.


    Manchester terriers and chihuahuas are both intelligent breeds of dog that enjoy human companionship. Chihuahuas are usually friendly to people, even to strangers, while Manchester terriers are protective of their human companions. Puppies resulting from this mix usually display devotion towards their human family members, but may also act threatening to strangers due to the Manchester genetics. Both of these breeds may become destructive to property when they are not exercised regularly and when bored.


    Chihuahuas and Manchester terriers are both intelligent breeds that require a patient, firm hand when being trained. The puppies resulting from this mix may be stubborn when being trained. Their attention may be difficult to hold and they may react negatively to commands. Using positive reinforcement and treats to motivate these puppies helps. Once these mixed puppies are trained, however, they are loyal to their owners and enjoy pleasing them. Negative reinforcement may stress puppies.

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