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Common Female Boxer Traits

Common Female Boxer Traits

Female Boxers are smaller than their male counterparts. They are 3 1/2 inches shorter in length and weigh approximately 15 pounds less than male Boxers. They are friendly dogs that love to be around people. Female Boxers are good with children too and will protectively watch over them.

Physical Features

    Boxers are medium-sized dogs. The females can reach lengths of 21 1/2 inches, and typically weigh between 50 and 65 pounds. These dogs have a short coat that lays close to their body. Boxers' coats can come in two color varieties -- fawn and brindle. The fawn coats may vary from a striking red pigmented coat to a tanned tawny color variety. The brindle coats are usually more sparse, but have either a clear fawn background or black, defining streaks. Some Boxers may be predominantly white; but according to the American Boxer Club, "are not used by breeders." Thus, they are not as common as fawn and brindle Boxers.

Character Traits

    Female Boxers are gentle and good natured. These dogs make great pets because they are smart and obedient, and can be trained by owners. They are playful and show an eagerness to learn new things. In addition, Boxers like to pick all kinds of things up and carry them around. These dogs do like to jump and may need reminders to settle down when guests come to the house.

Heat Cycle

    Female Boxers have heat cycles twice a year. The length of the cycles vary from five days to three weeks. During this time, female Boxers will begin to menstruate. Owners should consider spaying Boxers if they do not plan on breeding them. However, dog diapers can be used to keep things from getting messy. In addition, owners can place towels in areas where Boxers are prone to lay down.


    Female Boxers are only pregnant for nine weeks. The signs that a Boxer is pregnant include enlarged nipples, a sudden pronounced stomach, moodiness, changes in appetite and showing dominance in the home. A veterinarian can confirm pregnancy suspicions by performing a blood test or an ultrasound. Female Boxers have litter sizes that average from three to 12 puppies.

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