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Royal Canin Ingredients

Royal Canin Ingredients

Royal Canin is a pet food company that was founded in 1967 by Dr. Jean Cathary. In addition to supplying pet foods that are specific to the size of the pet, Royal Canin uses ingredients that are specific to the pet breed, as well.

With an emphasis on pet nutrition and health, Royal Canin partners with reputable breeders, veterinarians and veterinary nutritionists to help fulfill the company's mission of providing overall health nutrition for pets. In addition, Royal Canin employs its own nutritional scientists with the goal of keeping the company's pet food ingredients at the industry's leading edge.

Antioxidant Ingredients

    Antioxidants are used in many Royal Canin pet foods to help prevent oxidative damage to the cells of pets, which occurs when free radicals break down the components of healthy cells. To help combat this, Royal Canin includes Vitamins C and E in their foods, as well as taurine, lutein and polyphenols. Together, these antioxidants are intended to help prevent cellular damage and work in synergy to increase overall preventive health.

Essential Fatty Acids

    Essential fatty acids provide many benefits to pets. In addition to providing nutrition for a healthy and shiny coat, they also help reduce inflammation of the skin. Royal Canin uses Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in its pet foods; these also provide nutrition for the brain, joints,eyes and kidneys.


    Royal Canin adds prebiotics to its pet foods to aid in improved digestion, promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract, discourage the overgrowth of unhealthy bacteria in the intestinal tract and improve the absorption of other nutrients.

Chelated Minerals

    Chelated minerals, which are minerals in a natural form, are more easily absorbed by a pet's body than minerals in other processed forms. Royal Canin uses chelated zinc, copper, linoleic acid and iodine in its pet food products to promote the health of a pet's skin and coat.

Grain Sources

    Royal Canin uses a variety of different grain ingredients in its pet foods. Corn, which is used to provide starch, fiber and protein as well as carbohydrates, is a primary ingredient in many Royal Canin foods. Other grains used include wheat, wheat gluten and corn gluten products.

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