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List of Dogs That Look Like a Siberian Husky

List of Dogs That Look Like a Siberian Husky

Siberian huskies provide companionship to humans both as a pet and a working dog. These sled dogs have white fur adorned with gray or tan markings. Medium-size with a dense coat of thick fur, the husky originated in cold climates, much like a number of dogs with which it shares a physical resemblance. Dog breeds that look like Siberian huskies include the Alaskan malamute the Tamaskan dog and the Japanese Akita.

Alaskan Malamute

    The Alaskan malamute strongly resembles the Siberian husky. The largest and oldest breed of Arctic sled dogs, the malamute bears white and brown markings similar to those of huskies and possesses a similar coat of dense, thick fur. The American Kennel Club describes the malamute as a cousin breed of the Siberian husky, explaining that it derived from wolves in a similar manner. Malamutes are intelligent, quick learning, friendly and family oriented, though also strong-willed and high-energy dogs; they require diligent training and regular exercise.


    The Tamaskan is a rare breed that closely resembles Siberian huskies. Originally from Finland, these Scandinavian working dogs look as much like wolves as they do huskies. Tamaskans enjoy the company of humans and other animals, including animals of other species such as cats, hamsters and even birds. Like most sled dogs, Tamaskans exhibit high intelligence and a well-developed capacity to learn, though they can also be stubborn and strong willed. These dogs can also turn destructive when left alone for long periods.


    The Japanese breed Akita resembles the Siberian husky in coloring, markings, coat texture and general appearance; both breeds have pointed hears and curled tails. A large breed, the Akita proves popular in dog shows for its discipline, unique appearance and propensity to make extremely little noise. Dogs exhibit the tendency to lead the pack and require training from a young age. Dogs not properly trained may exhibit aggressive, violent behavior and repeated attempts to dominate family members. The American Kennel Club warns against leaving an Akita alone with small children or other animals.

Norwegian Elkhound

    Norwegian Elkhounds look a good deal like Siberian huskies, though have much longer fur than the husky. This ancient Scandinavian breed has existed for more than six millennia; Vikings used Elkhounds as guard dogs and in hunting operations. In packs, Elkhounds hunt, surround and attack animals as large as moose and bears. The breed enjoys the company of children but requires a good deal of exercise. Avoid leaving Elkhounds on their own for long periods, as they require regular socialization with animals and humans.

Other Breeds

    A number of other dogs closely resemble huskies. Other Arctic sled dog breeds that look like huskies include long-haired, quite fluffy breeds such as the Samoyed, Canadian Eskimo dog and the Greenland Dog. The Labrador husky looks so much like the husky that many assume it a husky-Labrador retriever mix, although it constitutes a separate breed. The Korean jindo and Seppala Siberian sled dog also look a good deal like the Siberian husky.

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