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How to Identify a Welsh Terrier

How to Identify a Welsh Terrier

The Welsh Terrier is a spirited game dog and is very alert, but shows self-control and is friendly. This sturdy medium-sized dog is quite rugged and has good drive used for hunting. It is an intelligent breed, and likes to please its family. Like most terriers, the Welsh Terrier needs to be socialized when young and needs to have a job, even if its only a long daily walk, to keep it out of trouble.



    Look at the general appearance of the Welsh Terrier. Males stand about 15 inches at the shoulders and females are a bit smaller at 14 to 14 inches. Both males and females are solid and have good substance and weigh around 20 pounds.


    Make sure the head gives the dog the Welsh Terrier expression. It is a rectangular head with small eyes that are dark brown and almond-shaped. They are set well in the skull and rather far apart. The v-shaped ears are small, but not overly thin. They are carried close to the side of the face. The strong, squared-off muzzle is only one-half the length of the head as measured from the nose tip to the occiput. The black nose is also squared off.


    Check that the neck and body are proportionately correct. The neck is of moderate length and thickness and slightly arches into the well-angulated shoulders. There should be no excess skin on the throat. The front legs are straight and quite muscular, leading to small cat-like feet with thick, black pads. The rear is muscular and sports very well developed second thighs. The small rear feet are cat-like and protected by thick, black pads. If you were to draw a straight line from the occiput to the tail, it is docked where it meets that imaginary line.


    Pet the hard, wiry coat. It is a dense coat and covers a soft, short undercoat. The hair furnishings on the legs, quarters and muzzle are very dense and wiry. The coat is black and tan, with the black covering the back, neck, tail and upper thighs. The tan (a deep reddish tan) covers the legs, quarters and head.

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