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How to Adopt a Maltese Puppy

How to Adopt a Maltese Puppy

Maltese are toy dogs that stay relatively small, even when full grown. Most Maltese weigh between 4 and 10 lbs. as adults, and have full coats of white fur. They do not shed, and their fur does need to be regularly combed and clipped, as it is long. Maltese are known for their social personalities and playful, lively natures. They are decent dogs to have around children, as they do not tend to be aggressive with them. If you would like to adopt a Maltese puppy, there are a variety of different places you can find one.



    Consider getting a Maltese puppy from a rescue organization. These organizations feature dogs and puppies that have been rescued from unfortunate situations and are now looking for new homes. Rescue organizations often have puppies up for adoption, and you can specify the breed of puppy you would like in your search.


    Visit your local humane society. While purebreds are not terribly common at the humane society, you may get lucky. Be aware that smaller dogs tend to go quickly, so you will need to check back often. Inquire with the workers about the frequency with which they receive Maltese puppies.


    Go to pet stores in your area that sell puppies. As Maltese puppies are popular, most pet stores carry them.


    Search for Maltese breeders in your area. There are many breeders who only handle Maltese puppies. You can contact the breeder regarding her available puppies, pricing and photos of the pups. You will, however, have to travel to see the puppies in person. It's important that you interact with the puppies prior to purchasing one, to ensure that you have a good connection with the one you choose.


    Play with the puppy prior to adopting it. It should appear healthy and active. It's common for puppies to be a bit timid initially, but after a few minutes with you, it should perk up and start to come out of its shell. If a puppy appears disinterested or lethargic, it may be sick.


    Purchase the puppy and complete all the necessary paperwork. Expect to fill out more paperwork if you are adopting the puppy from a humane society or rescue foundation. You will also need to make sure that the puppy has all the required immunizations. The puppy should have vaccines to protect against rabies, worms, parasites and other diseases.


    Obtain all necessary puppy supplies prior to taking the puppy home. These include a collar, leash, feeding bowl and brush. Find out what type of food the Maltese puppy has already been eating. It helps to keep things consistent for the puppy when you take it home.

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