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Dachshund Feet Problems

Dachshund Feet Problems

Dachshunds, also called doxies or wiener dogs, get their short legs from a dwarf gene. However, they have many health problems, including problems with their feet. These problems include hair loss, bone loss or spinal problems.


    Dachshunds were bred to dig up and hunt tunneling creatures like badgers. Dachshunds still have the instinct to dig, which may make them more prone to catching ringworm spores that stay in the soil.


    Ringworm causes hair loss, often beginning with the feet and face. Coordination problems can cause the dog to drag its paws, creating sores and hair loss. Another hair problem is color mutant alopecia, where hair of the blue or fawn colors falls off, sometimes on the feet.


    Doxies are prone to osteoporosis. Even when puppies, there may be such bone loss that the puppy cannot walk normally on its feet. These are called "swimmers."


    Being overweight can greatly complicate coordination problems or the development of intervertebral disc disease. The extra weight can put too much stress on the bones, including the bones of the feet.

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