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Boxer Dog Gifts

Many dog owners and friends of dog owners often give gifts to their dog friends on major holidays. While all dogs like bones and edible items, when giving gifts to a member of the Boxer breed, taking into account the basic nature and personality of the breed is important in selecting gifts for the pet.

Gifts to Eat

    Boxers are large dogs, but they still like dog biscuits. These can be bought, even nutritionally sound brands are available, or they can be made. There are many recipes for dog treats available online, and from some rescue organizations as well. If a large dog-bone-shaped cutter can't be found, many people like to use a gingerbread man cutter. These homemade offerings are always sure-fire to please.

    Treats that are good for the teeth or digestion make excellent gifts to. Many are available, offering real meat, vegetable content or additional nutrients. There are even vegetarian brands of dog treats. Real bones are also available from many grocery stores, neatly packaged in plastic wrap and come in large lengths good for the Boxer. If you know of specific nutritional needs of a particular Boxer, choose recipes or brands that satisfy these needs.

Gifts to Play With

    Because Boxers are large, energetic dogs, most enjoy play in the yard or dog park. So for them, Frisbees (flying disks) are great, as are pull ropes or balls. Be aware as you look for these though, that Boxers are also chewers, so make sure that you get sturdy toys for yard play!

    Most Boxers also love stuffed animals as a gift, and these can not only be bought in pet stores or online, but also at toy stores, or even the local thrift store. Wash them first before using. Be sure any of these stuffed toys have no buttons, bows or plastic parts that can be Boxer-disconnected and swallowed.

    Boxers love rubber toys too, but again, be sure the rubber is sturdy enough it cannot be torn apart and swallowed, and that any squeaker cannot be removed from the toy by the dog. Kongs (a type of rubber toy) are sturdy in this way.

Gifts to Wear and Use at Home

    Even though Boxers are large dogs, they have very little hair, so sweaters and coats are perfect gifts for them if they live in cold climates. There are many types of coverings, just be sure whatever you get is comfortable and washable and fits well. Ambitious crafters can also make sweaters and coats for Boxers, and these can be personalized with names also.

    As with any dog, a nice dog bed is always good (large size of course), but as most Boxers like to lay on the bed with their people, a dog pad or blanket might be a better choice for some.

    Dog bowls are a good choice too, and can often be personalized with the pet's name. There are also raised feeding dishes available which are good for a taller dog, and these sometimes include storage underneath, which is an added bonus, and appreciated by many owners.

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