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How to Find the Best Dog Food for My Siberian Husky

How to Find the Best Dog Food for My Siberian Husky

All dog foods are not created equal. Choosing the best pet food for your Siberian husky can improve her health, enrich her lifestyle and advance her performance as a working or show dog. The Siberian husky is a compact, working breed dog with high energy. Ingredients, preparation, feeding habits, and the dog's initial health can all affect the effectiveness of the best food for your Siberian husky.


Ensure Your Pet is Healthy


    Identify any health concerns with a thorough veterinary inspection. The best dog food for a healthy dog may not be the best dog food for a dog with vitamin deficiencies or genetic health disorders.


    Watch for signs of hip dysplasia in the Siberian husky. Visit the veterinarian if the dog is having trouble walking or showing signs of discomfort. Hips are fully developed by the age of 2 in large breed dogs. Have the veterinarian take X-rays if they suspect dysplasia.


    Learn about the dog's allergies or reactions to specific ingredients. Buy food that does not contain these ingredients. Take food up immediately if the dog begins to vomit or experiences diarrhea. Check with a veterinarian about the symptoms.

Dog Food Ingredients


    Look for meat first on the Siberian husky dog food ingredient list. Dogs are omnivores and, genetically, predators. Dry kibble will contain some vegetables, but should have meat or meat meal high on the ingredient list.


    Look for whole vegetables; these are healthy for dogs, especially when they replace grain particles in dog foods.


    Locate supplements added to the food by manufacturers. Omega-3 fatty acids and fish oil can be beneficial to joint health in working dogs like the Siberian husky.


    Ascertain if your dog reacts to grains by speaking with a veterinarian. Choose foods with whole grains as opposed to grain particles when possible. Grain-free dog food now is available from most major pet supply stores.

Feeding the Siberian Husky


    Follow instructions located on the back of the food the Siberian husky eats. Locate the dog's weight and the corresponding cup amount.


    Break up the total cup amount of food into at least two feedings spread out over the day.


    Feed the Siberian husky in a calm setting to avoid over excitement and bloat, a digestive disorder common among deep chested dogs. Allow at least 45 minutes after feeding before engaging in vigorous physical activity.

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