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How to Feed a Pitbull

How to Feed a Pitbull

When you are raising a dog, one of the most important aspect is its food. Pitbulls are large, active, muscular dogs. They need proper nutrition so that they have plenty of energy. Research different types of dog food and select one that is balanced. When you have chosen the dog food, feed your dog enough, but not too much, so that it does not gain weight.



    Choose a packaged dog food that is completely balanced. Many pre-made dog foods are filled with carbohydrates and other ingredients that will be filling for the dog, but are not nutritional. Instead, check the food's label to make sure that the dog food is made with real meat, vegetables, vitamins and minerals. These dog foods will likely say "completely balanced" on the label.


    Speak with your veterinarian to find out how much food per day you should feed your pitbull. The amount you should feed will depend on your dog's stage of life, activity level and weight. If it is overweight, the veterinarian might instruct you to feed less. However much you are instructed to feed the dog, divide the food into two or three small meals a day. This will help the dog keep its energy up all day long and can help with digestion.


    Include some different flavors and textures in your dog's dry food from time to time. Pitbulls can become bored by eating the same food all of the time, so add a gravy to his food from time to time. You can also add chunks of unseasoned, cooked meat. Make sure the meat does not have bones. Dogs also enjoy vegetables, so mix in some carrots, broccoli or greens with its food.


    Feed your pitbull on a schedule so that the eating time becomes routine. Do not feed it from your plate or while you are cooking. Doing that can result in the dog begging for food every time you and your family eat.

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