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How to Care for a Scottie Puppy

How to Care for a Scottie Puppy

Scottish terriers are short-legged and strong-willed. Male Scotties in particular can be stubborn and it is recommended they socialize with other dogs and go through obedience training while they are puppies. This will help keep Scotties from acquiring "small dog syndrome" or assuming leadership of their "pack"--you. Caring for a Scottish terrier puppy will require much of your time and energy.



    Take your Scottie puppy to the veterinarian. Keep the puppy updated on vaccinations such as rabies and distemper. Scottie puppies can begin receiving their vaccinations by two months old. Have the pup examined by the veterinarian for skin problems, epilepsy, jawbone disorder, Scottie cramp (which inhibits walking) and von Willibrand's disease, a hereditary blood disorder. Scotties are susceptible to these problems.


    Plan to have your Scottie puppy spayed or neutered when six months old. This will help prevent cancer and prevent genetic disorders such as blood disease. Spaying females will also help eliminate uterine infections that tend to cause female Scotties a problem throughout their life. Neutering males will help control their aggressive attitude.


    Put the Scottie puppy on the right diet. As the puppy gets older, he can become overweight if he eats too much or eats the wrong kinds of foods. Feed your Scottie puppy food that has more protein than any other ingredient, such as grain. If your puppy doesn't eat all of the food in his bowl after 20 minutes, remove the food until the next meal time. Don't leave food out all day.


    Groom the Scottie puppy regularly. This will help prevent skin problems and maintain the texture of the hair. Comb the hair two to three times a week and have the puppy groomed at least two times a year.


    Exercise the Scottie puppy. Walk the Scottie puppy at least three times a day and take him to an area for roaming. To avoid obesity as the puppy becomes an adult, it is best to keep your Scottie puppy active.

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