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English Bulldog Gifts

English Bulldog Gifts

For some English bulldog breeders and owners, their dog is their passion. English bulldog art hangs on their walls. The dog is depicted in figurines that decorate their mantel, and English bulldog clothing has made its way into their wardrobe. Even their holiday decorations are a tribute to the breed. If an English bulldog is an important part of the life of a relative or friend, then a gift showing off their favorite breed will always be appreciated.

Where to Shop

    Many pet supply stores carry breed-specific gifts, clothing and gear. For the widest selection of English bulldog gifts, shop online at sites such as English-Bulldog-Nation.com and the Bulldog Stuff page of BulldogInformation.com, as well as The English Bulldog Shop and English Bulldog Gifts.

Home Dcor

    There are a host of English bulldog items for the home. If youre bulldog lover enjoys things that are kitschy-cute, there are kissing bulldog salt and pepper shakers, a bulldog-in-a-basket planter and a bulldog votive candle holder. If you want something higher-end, purchase English bulldog bookends or a set of cocktail glasses with an ice bucket and ice scoop, all emblazoned with an English bulldog. If you are looking for something modestly priced, there are always English bulldog coffee mugs, mouse pads and picture frames.

Clothing and Gear

    English bulldog clothing includes sweatshirts, T-shirts, tank tops, T-shirt dresses, ties, socks and caps. English bulldog charms are available in 14 kt. gold or sterling silver. There are wristwatches with an English bulldog printed on the face. You can also find bulldog tote bags, umbrellas, checkbook covers and license plate frames.

For the English Bulldog

    You can delight your relative or friend by presenting a gift to the English bulldog. There are outfits available for the dog, from a yellow slicker raincoat to a cable knit varsity sweater to costumes for Halloween and Christmas. Of course, there are many dog toys on the market, but do not give a bulldog a rawhide toy; if he chews off a piece of the rawhide, the dog will choke on it. If you are looking for something distinctive, however, you might consider a CD of relaxation music for dogs.

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