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What Dogs Are Apartment-friendly?

What Dogs Are Apartment-friendly?

Apartment tenants who want to get a dog need to first check with their landlord to ensure that dogs are allowed. Many landlords prohibit dogs or charge an extra fee for them because of the fear of extra noise and damage to the rental. If dogs are allowed, you need to consider which breed to get. Since apartments are generally smaller and share walls with other units, small dogs with gentle temperaments are a better choice. Additionally, since many apartments have carpeting and lack a communal yard, dogs that require only minimal grooming and exercise are more suited to apartment living.

Boston Terrier

    Boston terriers are compatible with apartment living. Originating in Boston, a Boston terrier is a mix between a white English terrier and an English bulldog. A Boston terrier has a small head topped with pointy ears, a compact and sturdy body and a short tail. They are black, brown or grayish-brown with white areas. Their gentle disposition and intelligence make them easily trainable. Their compact sizes, which can run from under 15 pounds up to 25 pounds, make them ideal for apartments. Boston terriers also have short hair that requires minimal grooming and are satisfied with moderate exercise.


    Bred in Asia since before 400 B.C., pugs are one of the oldest breeds. A pug has a square and wrinkly face with an upturned nose, small ears that fold downward and a curly tail that sits over the hip. Their color can range from a yellowish-brown to black with dark coloring over the muzzle and ears. Pugs make good apartment dogs because they love being near people, are even-tempered, require minimal exercise and weigh between 14 to 18 pounds. While their short hairs do shed, they require minimal grooming.

French Bulldog

    French bulldogs are also good for apartments. French bulldogs were specifically bred in 19th-century England to be lap dogs. Their affectionate nature and playfulness make them a good companion choice. French bulldogs are muscular with a smooth coat, bat-like ears and stubby tails. They can have a light yellowish-brown, darker brown or white coat. Designed to be indoor pets, French bulldogs weigh up to 28 pounds, require minimal exercise and grooming and are adaptable to different situations.


    With a weight of less than 6 pounds, Chihuahuas can live well in small apartments. Available in all colors, Chihuahuas have big eyes on fox-like faces, large pointy ears and long pointy tails. Their toy size means that they do not need a lot of space for exercising. Both smooth and long-coated Chihuahuas require little grooming. They can have a cocky personality but are trainable due to their high intelligence. Their small size means that they get cold easily, so owners need to make sure that they are kept warm, especially in the winter months.

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