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Husky Facts for Kids

Husky Facts for Kids

The Siberian Husky is a domesticated dog breed. They resemble wolves and are more closely related to the wild canine than other domestic breeds. Despite the qualities they share with wolves, Siberian Huskies are excellent pets. The name Siberian refers to the geographic region where the dog originates -- the tundra of Siberia, a remote area of Russia. Though their physical attributes are well-suited to cold climates, they can comfortably live in moderate climates, too.


    Huskies are working dogs which means they have the strength and build to perform physical labor. Russians first bred them to pull sleds through snow in teams of two to twelve dogs. Their shoulder height ranges from one foot, eight inches to one foot, eleven inches. Healthy males may weigh as much as 60 pounds; females may weigh up to 45 pounds. Their dense fur may make them appear to be heavier or larger than their frame truly is.


    Huskies have white, gray, and black fur. The darker colors cover the back, tail, and the top of the head. Dark fur on the face extends just below the eyes, giving the dog the appearance of wearing a mask. They are one of the only breeds that do not have dark brown or black eyes. Huskies commonly have blue eyes, which is one of the traits that make them so appealing to potential owners.


    Though the breed is closely akin to a wild animal, they have a pleasant demeanor. Huskies are friendly and interact well with humans. However, they exhibit some traits reminiscent of their wild origin. Huskies are escape artists and are adept at sneaking out of their living quarters. They can also be destructive when unsupervised. Even domestic Huskies bred exclusively for pet-keeping, not for working, have an intense physicality and need a lot of time and space for play.


    Huskies are suitable working dogs. In that capacity, they work in cold climates pulling sleds in athletic pursuits and as transportation. People may also use them as hunting dogs. They make exemplary hiking companions and similarly excel in other outdoor pursuits. They are especially committed runners and can travel long distances without tiring.

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