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How to Tell What Type of Breed a Dog Is

How to Tell What Type of Breed a Dog Is

If your dog could talk, it could make knowing what type of breed it is a lot easier. It's often helpful to know exactly what breed your dog is when predicting the future size of a puppy or figuring out any potential health problems or behavior concerns. You are going to have to do a bit of research and investigation to determine the breed of your dog.



    Measure the height and weight of your dog and compare your findings to other breeds. Keep in mind that breed standards are not always definitive, as runts and puppies that are larger than average are in every litter; however, this measurement can give you a starting point for your research.


    Look at the physical characteristics of the dog. Note the size and shape of the nose, eyes, ears, body, feet and muzzle. Some breeds have certain trademark characteristics that if found in your dog could help you determine its breed. For instance, if the dog has long, droopy ears, it could be part basset hound. If the face is pushed in, the dog might be mixed with pug; if the dog has webbed feet, it could be part Labrador retriever.


    Note the length, color and texture of your dog's fur. A thick, bushy coat could be indicative of a working dog, such as a husky or Akita. If your dog's fur is spotted, it could be mixed with a dalmatian or pointer. Long, thin hair could be due to the contribution of a Yorkie.


    Look at your dog's tail. The shape, size and length of a tail could tell you a lot about your dog's heritage. Labs and golden retrievers have long, straight tails, while Akitas have tails that curl upward.


    Take your dog to a veterinarian, groomer or other animal professional for their opinions. Folks who work with animals see a lot of different dogs all day and are usually familiar with breed characteristics. These animal professionals could tell you exactly what breed of dog your pooch is just by looking at its features.


    Submit a DNA sample on your dog to determine its breed. DNA testing is available either through at-home kits or your veterinarian. Typically through saliva, companies can determine the breed of your dog with a large amount of accuracy. DNA testing is the most definitive way of determining the breed of a dog.

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