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How to Show a Chihuahua

How to Show a Chihuahua

The chihuahua is a fairly popular dog breed for dog breeding societies and dog clubs. The British Chihuahua Club, for example, advocates for the dog breed and reports on the standards for dog breeding and showing. The chihuahua can be split between two distinct types, long coat and short coat. Short coat chihuahuas have flat, wavy coats that are smooth to the touch. Long coat chihuahuas have plumes of hair on their feet, ears and tails and an overall glossy coat. In general, the standards for showing these dogs entail highlighting the characteristics all chihuahuas share.



    Classify the chihuahua's coat type. Most dog shows separate toy dogs that are short coat from those that are long coat. It will be noticeable how the chihuahua looks since the long coat chihuahua breeds have feathering hair over their whole bodies. Cutting the hair to make the dog look like a short coat is not possible since it will make the coat coarse in texture, an apparent sign that the coat has been cut.


    Trim the nails of the dog before a showing. Cat-like nail qualities to a dog's nail are frowned upon at dog shows.


    Allow a judge to touch the dog. The dog needs to sit still; a fidgety dog will lose points. The judge will feel around the dog's body to test for muscle and hair health. The skeletal frame of the chihuahua will also be checked.


    Show the dog's alertness. Chihuahuas are known for their alertness and highly sociable traits. If a dog is repelled by other dogs or other people, these behaviors will have a negative impact on the dog's overall score.


    Play with the dog with acts such as throwing a ball and having the dog fetch it. This will highlight the playfulness of the chihuahua, a central characteristic of the dog.


    Walk the dog around in a circle. The dog's feet, both front and hind, should be straight and not turn inward or outward as it is walking. The tail should also be set high as the dog walks and curved, almost like a sickle. A low tail could be a sign of injury or a bad trait to the dog.


    Wait for a judgment or assessment from the judges.

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