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How to Sell Your Doberman Pinscher

How to Sell Your Doberman Pinscher

Selling a dog can be a challenging experience as not everyone is cut out to be a pet owner. Doberman pinschers require an energetic and affectionate owner who is willing to display a natural authority over the dog while still giving the human interaction that the breed thrives on. Finding the right owner takes time and should not be taken lightly by the seller. Consider both online and offline places to find your Doberman pinscher a new home.



    Post an advertisement in the classified section of your local newspaper. Ask for a fair adoption fee to ward off buyers who may not be ready to invest the time and money into a pet.


    Set up a detailed advertisement under the pet section on Craigslist and other known online classifieds. Include the adoption fee, age of the dog, sex, breed and other important information. Add pictures of the Doberman pinscher if allowed.


    Put up fliers at local businesses in your area. Create rip tabs that include a phone number or email address in which interested buyers can contact you for more information on the dog.


    Create a network with people passionate about the Doberman pinscher breed. Attend dog shows and local breed clubs and get to know owners of other dogs. Compile a database of email addresses and send out a bulletin informing others that you are selling a dog.


    Contact local pet shops and ask if they would be interested in a Doberman pinscher to sell. Many pet shops only accept purebred dogs and will require the proper paperwork before settling on a price.

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