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How to Look for a Toy or Teacup Yorkie

How to Look for a Toy or Teacup Yorkie

The Yorkshire Terrier, affectionately known to breed enthusiasts as the Yorkie, is a very small breed of dog. Yorkies are popular because of their petite or "toy" size and their puppy-like appearance. The American Kennel Club specifies that all Yorkies must weigh less than seven pounds as adults. Although the "teacup" Yorkie is not an official breed designation, hobbyists use the term to apply to very small dogs with an expected adult size of less than three pounds. These extremely undersized dogs are appealing because of their compact stature.



    Call your local animal shelter. They may have a Teacup Yorkie who has been abandoned, surrendered or rescued. Note that most Teacup Yorkies from animal shelters are not registered with the AKC and do not have pedigrees or "papers."


    Contact a purebreed dog rescue group in your area. Your local animal shelter may refer you to a rescue organization that specializes in terriers or Yorkies. Many of these dogs will have pedigrees.


    Visit the American Kennel Club's website at to find a breeder directory. The AKC maintains lists of accredited breeders; find one in your area that specializes in Yorkshire terriers and offers "teacup" puppies for sale.


    Look in your local newspaper or trade bulletin to find breeders selling Teacup Yorkie pups. Local breeders may not maintain pedigrees and may actually operate small-scale "puppy mills" or unsanitary breeding conditions. Visit the breeding site in advance of purchasing your pup, to ensure that you are supporting a quality breeder.


    If possible, take your potential companion to the veterinarian before finalizing your adoption. If you are buying a dog from a breeder rather than an accredited rescue operation, it is important to verify that the Teacup Yorkie is healthy.

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