Kamis, 08 November 2012

How to Identify a Coydog

Coydogs also known as dogotes are not purebred dogs they are hybrid offspring. Coydogs are rare and very difficult to identify. They are a mix between a domestic dog and a wild coyote and can end up looking like a dog, a coyote or have physical features of both. Some people claim to have these coydogs or dogotes as family pets.



    Spot a coydog by his colors. He is usually brown, gray or a mix of both and can have other color markings as well.


    Look for his bushy, long tail that he may carry in a downward position.


    Note any desires to hunt, explore or wander for a couple of days at a time. Coydogs are usually good hunters you will notice them returning home with rabbits or other small animals.


    Acknowledge that most people with coydogs adopted them from shelters in remote areas as young puppies.


    See if your dog has any of the coydog personality traits. They either have very gentle personalities or they are fearful and can be quick to bite if they feel threatened or afraid. Most coydogs are shy and not playful or outgoing regardless of their temperament.


    Watch for other signs that you may have a coydog, like digging holes and curling up tightly inside of them to sleep at night.

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