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How to Feed Pomeranians

How to Feed Pomeranians

Pomeranians are small, active dogs, and like any other breed, they can become overweight if they don't receive a proper diet. It's essential to give your Pomeranian the appropriate amount of food for its age and activity level. How often you feed your Pomeranian depends on how old it is -- puppies eat several times a day, while an adult only needs to eat once or twice a day.



    Think about what kind of food you want to give your Pomeranian: dry food, wet food or home-cooked food. Many canned wet foods have more nutrients than dry foods, but dry food is better for the teeth. Home cooking is considered the most nutritious type of food. If you want to go the route of homemade meals, consult a veterinarian or other pet nutrition expert before you start cooking.


    Shop for food without fillers such as wheat and corn, as dogs do not digest these well. In a home-cooked meal, healthy, digestible fiber can be found in whole oats or brown rice.


    Feed your Pomeranian puppy three times a day until it is six months old. How much you give the dog depends on its weight and the type of food you are using. Consult the guidelines on the packaging.


    At six months of age, start making the gradual switch to adult food, if you were using puppy food before. Over the period of a few weeks, reduce the feeding to twice a day. Use a small bowl with treads on it to keep it from sliding.


    Pick up the bowl and take it away if the Pomeranian does not finish its food. Feeding at will is not healthy for the dog.


    Cook up a potful of food once or twice a week, if you wish to feed your Pomeranian home-cooked meals. Pet nutritionist William Cusick recommends a blend of fish, beef, horse meat, rye wheat, and beet pulp for Pomeranians.


    Supplement the Pomeranian's diet with cod liver oil or flaxseed oil. These oils provide essential omega-3 fatty acids and are beneficial for the skin and coat.

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