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Help for My Yorkie Who Is a Picky Eater

Help for My Yorkie Who Is a Picky Eater

Yorkies are a lively breed, and are brave and loyal to their owners. They have a strong independent streak and will investigate everything. Because of this independent personality, it's easy for them to develop into a picky eater. Getting them on the right foods will go a long way in making sure they are healthy and satisfied. Just remember that sudden switches in the type of food you feed them can result in stomach issues. Make dietary changes slowly, mixing in the new food with the old gradually.

Check with the Veterinarian

    Have your Yorkie checked out by a veterinarian to rule out any health problems. If your dog is not eating, there may be an underlying problem affecting it's appetite. Your veterinarian may recommend a specific food if your dog is found to have a problem. Once your Yorkie has a clean bill of health, you can look to see if there are other reasons your pet may not be eating.

Nutritous Food

    Be sure the food you feed your dog has nutritional value. Food with cheap fillers such as corn, wheat or wheat gluten will be lacking in nutrition and leave your dog unsatisfied. This could lead to your Yorkie to become a picky eater. The label should state the amount of protein, fat and fiber in the food. Choose food that lists animal protein first, such as chicken, beef, turkey, as one of the first food sources. After that should come a carbohydrate source, fat, vitamins, minerals, fiber and preservatives. Any food with artificial colors, sugar or fillers should be avoided.


    If your Yorkie isn't eating at meal times, take a look at how many snacks it is getting at other times of the day. Are you, or someone else in the household, being too generous with treats? Eliminate treats until your Yorkie can be put on a regular feeding schedule. Once you have your dog on a regular feeding schedule, you can add an occasional treat into its diet since treats are a great way to reinforce training.

Same Time/Same Place

    Feed your Yorkie at the same time each day and each night. Designate a special place for its food and water dish. Puppies up to 12 weeks old should be fed four times a day; those that are 12 to 18 weeks should be fed three times a day. Adult dogs, over 18 weeks, should be fed in the morning and again in early evening. Putting your dog on a feeding schedule will help it understand when it is expected to eat.

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