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Border Collie Training Tools

Border Collie Training Tools

Due to their intelligence, beauty, and determination, border collies are a popular purebred breed among dog owners. Despite their benefits, training a border collie can prove difficult, particularly when the dog is a puppy. Border collie puppies can be trained by attending classes or establishing rules, though some puppies may require more assistance than others. To make border collie training easier, many pet owners choose to use training tools along the way to establish consistency.


    Border collies possess a high energy level, as they were traditionally bred to perform herding and farm work. Due to their excessive energy, many pet owners find that their border collies turn to playing with items around the house that they should not. Border collies are also more likely than other breeds to chase cars and bicycles as they drive down the street. To train border collies to refrain from messing with household items, cars, and more, make sure to have plenty of toys on hand. Take the border collie outside and have him chase balls or catch frisbees to get out some of his energy.

Teething Tools

    Border collies, particularly as puppies, have a tendency to chew on almost anything they encounter. To make sure nothing important is chewed up by a border collie, purchase training tools designed for teething puppies. Teething tools are safe for puppies to chew on, as they are built to withstand the damage. Proper teething tools are also constructed so that they are big enough that border collies cannot swallow part or all of the tools.


    Kennels provide a method with which to potty train a border collie. Due to the small amount of space in a kennel, border collie puppies will not go to the bathroom in them. Pet owners can then let the puppy out and instruct him to go outside. Once the puppy urinates or defecates outside, give him a treat to make sure he knows he did the right thing.


    Clickers are small, plastic training tools that are used to teach border collies to perform tricks and learn discipline. Start by pressing the clicker and then giving the border collie a treat. Gradually, begin clicking the clicker only when the border collie does something desirable, such as relieve itself outside, sit, roll over, or lie down. The dog will begin to understand that the clicker is associated with certain behaviors and then immediately perform the behavior upon hearing the click.

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