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What Dog Breed Is the Pit X?

What Dog Breed Is the Pit X?

The term "Pit X" refers to any canine crossbreed of the Pit Bull Terrier. While any dog may be crossed with a Pit Bull, the most popular crosses are American Bulldogs, Labrador Retrievers and other terrier breeds, such as the Bull Terrier.

Pit X Physicality

    Pits and Pit Bull crosses are typically stout, powerfully built dogs, sporting broad chests and heads; medium-size ears that are usually cropped; and short, shiny coats that come in a variety of colors. Average size is 18 to 22 inches in height, and 35 to 55 pounds in weight, with size extremes ranging from 20 to 110 pounds.

Pit X Temperament

    These highly intelligent dogs are eager to please, easy to train and incredibly loyal. Driven by keen protective instincts and the ability to assess potential threats, Pit Bull Terriers are excellent guard dogs and affectionate family pets. As with any intelligent breed, however, Pits and Pit crosses can also be willful, and so require a firm and consistent training hand.

Pit X Health

    Perhaps one of the main reasons for crossing a Pit with another breed is to potentially improve the health of that other breed. Pit Bull Terriers are typically healthy, physically vital dogs with few natural health problems. That said, some of the larger Pits are prone to hip dysplasia, while blue-eyed Pits--as with any blue-eyed canine--have been known to develop cataracts over time.

Further Reasons for Crossing

    Furthers reasons for crossing have to do with the common misconceptions surrounding the Pit Bull Terrier breed. Though first developed as a working dog used in herding, ratting, cart-pulling, policing and hunting, the Pit Bull's power and protective instincts were later exploited in illegal dog-fighting rings. Though not an aggressive dog by nature, the Pit is a sensitive breed that responds quickly to owner commands--even fighting commands--and will not hesitate to defend itself when threatened. For this reason, some people desiring a dog with Pit traits, but wishing to avoid the social stigma, choose a Pit X as opposed to a purebred Pit Bull Terrier.

What to Expect of a Pit Bull X

    These highly intelligent dogs are eager to please.
    These highly intelligent dogs are eager to please.

    While the size and temperament of a Pit Bull X largely depends on the breed with which it is crossed, the broad chest, square head and powerful shoulders are typically apparent in Pit crosses. In addition, the protective instinct and high intelligence level tend to manifest in most cases. When crossed with another terrier, the herding sense will also be strong and the dog will be smaller than other crosses, such as the Pit-American Bulldog cross. Pit-Labrador crosses, on the other hand, will most likely be medium-size dogs of a more laid-back demeanor, as Labrador purebreds are typically less emotional than terrier breeds.

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