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Qualities of the Mini Schnauzer

Qualities of the Mini Schnauzer

A Mini Schnauzer is a wonderful household dog that loves to socialize with family members and is very loyal. Owning a Mini Schnauzer requires time to love and bond with your pet. These are high-maintenance dogs that love lots of attention. Due to their size and their devotion, the Mini Schnauzer is a good choice for a family dog.


    The Mini Schnauzer is a very distinctive breed characterized by its square features and full facial hair. This particular breed has very bushy brows, beard and mustache. The Mini Schnauzer comes primarily in salt and pepper, white, black or black and silver coats. The ears stand up on the Mini Schnauzer, with the tips curving slightly forward. For this reason, the Mini Schnauzer usually looks attentive and alert as it gazes at you from dark, oval-shaped eyes. The Mini Schnauzer averages around a foot or slightly higher in height and weighs in between 10 and 15 pounds when full-grown.


    You will find that the Mini Schnauzer is a very social breed of dog. He loves to play with children and other family pets. The Mini Schnauzer is extremely loyal and makes an excellent guard or watch dog for your family. The key to a sweet Mini Schnauzer is to establish yourself as the pack leader while the dog is a puppy. Mini Schnauzers that consider themselves the pack leader can be a little aggressive and don't tolerate other family pets.


    The Mini Schnauzer is great indoors. It doesn't mind going without a yard, provided you do provide it a brisk walk or two during the day. For this reason, you can keep a Mini Schnauzer in an apartment, condo, or small house that doesn't have a yard or play area specifically for your canine family member.


    The Mini Schnauzer is very playful and will always enjoy a round of indoor dog games. They bark quite a bit and can be noisy. You'll find that the Mini Schnauzer is quick to pick a fight with larger dogs and other animals, despite his small size. This is the protective instinct to guard you and your family from harm. Attention is important for Mini Schnauzers because they are prone to separation anxiety and being nervous. Introduce strangers slowly to your dog to reduce anxiety and shyness.


    Grooming your Mini Schnauzer can be a little challenging. This particular breed is high-maintenance because of the wiry fur coat. Many owners clip the front areas of the dog to show off the features, while leaving the back half and legs with all the fur. The dog doesn't shed and requires daily brushing.

Health and Life Expectancy

    You can expect your Mini Schnauzer to live around 15 years of age. This particular breed is susceptible to kidney stones, obesity, diabetes, liver problems and skin disorders. Find out the ailments of the parents prior to selecting your Mini Schnauzer to reduce the chances of buying a Mini Schnauzer that will later have health problems.

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