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How to Rescue a Shih Tzu in Texas

How to Rescue a Shih Tzu in Texas

If you currently live in Texas and are thinking about purchasing a Shih Tzu, try to rescue an abandoned and homeless one instead. Shih Tzus are known for their compact frames, long shaggy coats and playful personalities. Bred solely for the purpose of being house pets, Shih Tzu's require very little exercise and are a great choice for a family dog. If you have a loving home to provide to a Shih Tzu, contact a local rescue organization to adopt a dog in need.



    Locate a Texas-based Shih Tzu rescue organization. There are many Shih Tzu rescue organizations currently operating in Texas including, Lonestar Shih Tzu Rescue and The Stars of Texas Shih Tzu Rescue (See Resources). Contact your local Humane Society and ask them to connect you the Shih Tzu rescue organization nearest to you.


    Complete the rescue application. Most Texas Shih Tzu rescue organizations will require you to answer an in-depth questionnaire. Be prepared to answer questions about your home, your family, your other animals, your past experiences with pets and your reasons for adopting a Shih Tzu. Have a list of references including personal references, the name of the dog groomers you use and the name of your veterinarian.


    Pay the adoption fee. Many Texas rescue organizations ask for an adoption fee which pays for the care of the dog while it was at the rescue organization. This includes the cost of food, related care supplies, medical expenses, spaying and neutering and micro-chipping. Pay an additional donation to the Shih Tzu rescue organization if you want to help support their continued work.


    Prepare for the arrival of your pet. You might be adopting a full-grown adult dog, but you do not know your Shih-Tzu's history. Dog-proof your house to ensure that your rescued dog will be safe. This includes moving any poisonous plants, cleaners, medicines, insecticides and other harmful chemicals out of your dog's reach. Secure your fence so that you can safely let your new dog outside as needed.


    Know how to care for your Shih Tzu. Every breed of dog has its own unique needs. Shih Tzu's have special grooming needs due to their long, shaggy coats. Talk to your veterinarian about how to prevent tangled, matted coats, hot spots and skin infections which are common Shih Tzu problems. Read about Shih Tzu coat care online at Tiny Shih Tzu (See Resources).

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