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How to Interpret a Pedigree Chart

How to Interpret a Pedigree Chart

A pedigree chart is the diagram of an individual's family tree history. They are often used by dog breeders in order to show the number of generations of pedigree dogs that have contributed to the blood line. The more generations of pedigrees there are in the chart the purer the pedigree of the dog in question. This can also affect the value of the dog as pure-bred champions will be far more expensive than cross-breeds, and can also be used as show dogs.



    Read the chart from left to right. The first entry on the far left will be the puppy, or the animal in question. Information such as the animal's name, breed, date of birth and breeder should be included directly below the animal's name.


    Look for the lines that branch off of the first name. The lines that branch up have the sire or father's information, and the lines that branch down have the dam or mother's information.


    Continue along the branches of the chart. Each sire or dam will have two branches leading away from it, one to its sire (father) and one to its dam (mother). Interpret the number of levels as the number of generations of pedigrees that have been recorded.

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