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How to Identify a Kerry Blue Terrier

How to Identify a Kerry Blue Terrier

The Kerry Blue Terrier is a great family dog that loves to play and roughhouse. It makes a great watchdog, but must have a reason to attack. This breed needs an experienced owner and should have obedience training. It is a smart breed with a good memory. It can be stubborn, especially if lessons become routine. The Blue can be dog aggressive, but will get along with other family pets if introduced in the right way.



    Look at the general appearance, size and proportion of the Kerry Blue Terrier. Its exceptionally developed body is very muscular. Males are 18 to 19 inches at the shoulders, while females are 17 to 19 inches. Males should weigh 33 to 40 pounds and females should weigh a bit less at around 28 to 35 pounds. Both males and females should be well-boned.


    Make sure the head is long, but not out of proportion. It should fit well with the rest of the body. The eyes are very dark and small. They are not prominent eyes and have a typical terrier expression. The v-shaped ears are also small, but should be proportionate to the rest of the body. They are carried forward and close to the side of the face.


    Check that the neck and body is proportionately correct. The moderately long neck gradually widens as it reaches the shoulders. It should be set on the shoulders so that the head is carried high. The deep chest is moderately wide, and leads into a strong body, topped by a short back. The tail is moderate in length and is carried high and straight. The front feet are round, rather small and have somewhat deep pads leading to arched toes and black toenails. The powerful rear thighs lead to low hocks.


    Feel the coat. It should be soft and have a lot of wavy hair. It should be any shade of gray, including blue gray. It may be very dark gray to black on parts of the face (muzzle, ears, head) and the tail and feet. Kerry Blue Terriers are normally very dark or black until they mature. The dog should have turned the proper color by the time it reaches 18 months of age.

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