Jumat, 05 Oktober 2012

How to Bake Chicken Strips for a Dog

Our dogs are like a member of the family for many of us. That's why so many dog owners are learning how to make their own dog food and dog treats. A baked chicken strip makes a wonderful jerky treat for your favorite dog. Follow these steps to learn how to bake chicken strips into jerky treats for your dog's canine cuisine.



    Cook the chicken breast by boiling or baking. You can pan fry the chicken breast, but if you're going to all the trouble to make the chicken jerky strips for your dog, make the most healthy version you can.


    Slice the cooled chicken breast into thin slices. You want to have the slices as thin as possible, but you still need the slices to have some meat substance to them.


    Spread the slices of the chicken breast on a baking sheet or cookie sheet. You can put a lot on one cookie sheet; just be sure not stack the pieces.


    Bake the chicken breast slices at about 150 degrees for around 30 minutes. You are actually trying to dry out the chicken breast strips so that they harden into jerky. The length of time you bake the chicken breasts will depend upon how thin you sliced them. The thicker the slices, the longer they will need to bake. For a more evenly baked jerky treat, flip the chicken breast strips over half way through cooking.

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