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How to Adopt a Puggle Puppy

How to Adopt a Puggle Puppy

A Puggle is a hybrid breed of dog, created by mating a Pug with a Beagle. Due to a recent surge in popularity, the Puggle has become a common household breed of dog. Puggles are small dogs that generally grow to weigh about 15 to 30 pounds, and they stand approximately 13 to 15 inches high. In terms of appearance, Puggles resemble a leaner, less wrinkled Pug dog. Like Pugs, their coats are usually either tan, black or fawn-colored, and their bodies are stout. Their ears are usually slightly longer than a Pug's ears, due to their Beagle genes. Puggles play very well with people of all ages. They are known for their curious, energetic and affectionate personalities.



    Join online groups that are dedicated to the Puggle breed. Sites such as PuggleBlog.com and Puggle.com regularly feature info on new puppies that are up for adoption. Since sites' members are huge Puggle fans, you can glean all sorts of insider tips on finding Puggle puppies as well as advice on caring for your new pup.


    Assess your finances. Due to their high demand, Puggle puppies are not cheap. A single pup can easily cost up to $1,000. In addition, you'll have the added expenses of puppy supplies, vaccination costs and licensing fees.


    Visit Puggle breeders. While most breeders have sites that feature photos of their latest litter, it's beneficial to visit the puppies in person. You'll then have the opportunity to meet both the mother and father of the puppies, and play with the puppy. Just like with people, you can learn a lot about a puppy by meeting and interacting with his parents.


    Travel to pet stores in your surrounding area that carry Puggle puppies. Since pet stores' inventories vary quite regularly, call the stores first to confirm they have Puggle pups.


    Contact Puggle rescue foundations such as Saint's Puggle Rescue or Green Mountain Pug Rescue. Such organizations are committed to placing Puggle puppies in good homes. You will have to pay an adoption fee that goes towards the organization's operating costs; however, it will generally be substantially less than adopting from a breeder or pet store.


    Read classified ads in both traditional and online publications. People still regularly take out classifieds to advertise puppies for sale. Contact the seller and coordinate a time to view the litter.


    Choose the Puggle puppy that is right for you after you have played with and held all the available pups. After some one-on-one contact, you may find you have a special connection with one pup in particular.


    Begin training your Puggle puppy as soon as you bring her home. Puggles respond very well to training, though house-training can be a bit time-consuming. As Puggles love to please, positive reinforcement works well with them.


    Exercise your Puggle multiple times a day. If you have a large fenced yard, your Puggle will love roaming free in it. If you don't, try to walk your Puggle between two and four times a day. They are an energetic breed so regular exercise is a must.


    Brush your puppy daily. Though they have short hair, Puggles shed. Daily brushing sessions can reduce shedding.

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