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Dog Food Diets for Boxers

Dog Food Diets for Boxers

The type of food you feed your boxer will have a direct effect on its health. Many boxers suffer from problems, such as allergies and cancer, that can be prevented by feeding them a quality diet. With all of the foods available, knowing which to choose can be challenging. If you know what works best for boxers and choose accordingly, you can make the right decision for your dog.

Organic Food

    According to the Boxer Buddies website, boxers are at high risk for developing cancer. If fact, they are one of the two breeds of dogs that develop cancer the most. Therefore, it is extremely important to avoid feeding your boxer preservatives, especially BHA, BHT, propylene glycol and ethoxyquin, which are some of the most dangerous ones and are found in many dog foods. Organic dog foods typically don't contain harmful preservatives but do include organic ingredients that are nutritious and haven't been treated with pesticides. Just be sure the two first ingredients are meat and that the food contains plenty of vegetables.

Hypoallergenic Food

    Allergies are a common issue among boxers, and most boxers that have allergies are allergic to the protein in their food. Hypoallergenic food contains protein sources that most dogs have typically never eaten before, such as deer or rabbit. Feeding your boxer an alternate protein source will likely help resolve its allergy symptoms. Choose hypoallergenic foods that are free of preservatives, artificial colors, substandard ingredients (such as meat by-products) and fillers (such as beet pulp or rice flour).

Homemade Food

    The Your Purebred Puppy website states that the best food to feed a boxer is homemade. Making your own food is usually less expensive than buying commercial food, and homemade food is free of the preservatives that could give your boxer cancer. The key to making your boxer's food is balance. The All Boxer Info website states that a boxer's diet should contain 35 to 45 percent fresh, wholesome, cooked meat, such as lamb, turkey or veal. Another 25 to 35 percent should be fresh vegetables, which can be raw or steamed and can include broccoli, sweet potatoes, carrots, sweet peas and green beans. Cooked white or brown rice or pasta should make up the rest of the diet.

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