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Does a Collie Have a Short Snout?

Does a Collie Have a Short Snout?

Collies are herding dogs that originated in Europe, and while the standard collie's origin is unknown, it is known that Queen Victoria's being impressed by the collie breed inspired its popularity. There are three different types of collies -- standard, border and bearded -- and all three have different size snouts. Compared to the common snout length of most dogs, it could be said that the standard and bearded collies do have a long snout.

Standard Collie

    The largest of the collie breeds is the standard collie, or just collie. Most people recognize this breed because of the long snout and fawn colored coat. Collies stand 24 to 26 inches at the shoulder and females stand 22 to 24 with both averaging 60 to 65 lbs. as an adult. Height and weight are an imperative trait of the breed; over or undersized dogs are penalized and therefore not a desirable quality. This collie's delicate snout tapers down from a soft angled head and should be equal in length to the length of the backskull (back half of the head).

Bearded Collie

    The bearded collie has a less lengthy snout, but is still described as strong, full, large and squarish by the American Kennel Club. Bearded collies originated in the Scotland Highlands and were known then as Highland collies. Unlike the standard collie, the bearded collie has a more traceable history. This breed is shorter than the standard collie with both males and females averaging 21 inches at the shoulders. And, while the American Kennel Club does not list a preferred weight range, the breed standards promote a medium sized dog.

Border Collie

    The border collie is the smallest of the collie breeds and because of this, has the shortest snout. Males and females average 20 inches at the shoulder and are described by the American Kennel Club as having a strong, snippy yet tapering muzzle. Like all collies, border collies are herding dogs from Scotland and are also known as the Scotch Highland collie. It is this particular breed that impressed Queen Victoria during the later half of her reign.


    While the sizing of these breeds differ, so does the coat. A standard collie has a long silky coat that can be woolly in some bloodlines. The bearded collie also has a long coat, but it also extends over the face and muzzle. The border collie is a medium=sized breed with a short to medium coat that does not extend over the muzzle. All breeds are well suited for cooler climates, but require a dedicated grooming schedule.

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