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Difference Between Purina Senior Dog Food & Large Dog

Difference Between Purina Senior Dog Food & Large Dog

As your dog ages, it requires slightly different nutrition than it did when it was in the prime of its life. Purina, a trusted animal food provider for over 100 years, has developed types of dog foods that address the special needs of all manner of dogs -- from old to young, large to puppy, active to sedentary. Knowing the appropriate food to feed your dog is important for the health of your pet.

Higher Fat

    Purina Large Breed Adult Formula has a higher fat content than the Purina Senior. This is for several reasons. Large breed dogs burn more energy and have a higher metabolism than smaller dogs, so they need more calories to keep in good condition. Fat is an easy source of calories for dogs to digest. In addition, older dogs can sometimes struggle with digesting too much fat, so the senior dog food has less -- 8 percent versus the large breed formula's 12 percent.

High Antioxidants

    Antioxidants have been shown to combat the negative effects of free radicals that can affect the health of cells during the aging process. By including higher levels of antioxidants in their senior formula, Purina provides the older dog the benefits of these nutritional supplements already added into the food itself. The large breed formula also contains antioxidants, but with an addition of joint health supplement formula in the form of glucosamine, because many large breeds have a tendency towards arthritis or hip displasia.

Easy to Chew

    Older dogs often have issues with decaying teeth or gum disease, and chewing hard food can be a problem leading to loss of overall health and condition. Purina Senior dog food is formulated with easily chewable pieces, alternating with crunchy pieces that will help keep existing teeth clean and gums healthy.


    As the digestive system of the dog ages, it becomes less efficient, allowing more nutrition to slip by and also causing common problems such as constipation. By increasing the fiber in the Senior formula and using whole grains, the Senior formula helps keep a dog regular while optimizing nutrition. The Large Breed dog food contains 4.5 percent fiber, while the Senior formula contains 7 percent.

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