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Cockapoo Puppies Information

Cockapoos are a cross between miniature or toy poodles and cocker spaniels. Either English or American cocker spaniels can be used as parents, but there are fewer genetic problems with English cocker spaniels, according to Mary Foley of the Cockapoo Club of America.


    Since the cockapoo isn't a recognized breed, there isn't a standard. Sizes range from a 6-pound "toy" to the "standard" or "maxi," which can weigh in at more than 20 pounds.


    Cockapoo puppies typically have short, curly fur which grows longer as they mature. The exact length and curliness of the adult coat depends on genetics and can't be predicted in a mixed breed puppy. Most cockapoos are odorless and do not shed.


    Both poodles and cocker spaniels are friendly, easily-trainable dogs. Most cockapoos make friendly, trainable pets, especially if they are trained and socialized as puppies.

Health Problems

    The Cockapoo Club of America suggests buying cockapoo puppies from breeders who have tested their breeding stock for problems common to both breeds. These include several eye disorders, luxating patellas (a painful condition where the kneecap slips out of place), and hip and elbow problems.


    Cockapoo puppies may not always be the result of breeding a purebred poodles to a purebred cocker spaniel---they can also be a result of breeding two cockapoos, or a cockapoo to a purebred dog, according to the Cockapoo Rescue Organization.

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