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Best Dog Foods for a Hunting Dog

Best Dog Foods for a Hunting Dog

Hunting dogs are high-energy dogs and require extra fat and protein in their diets to help keep them fit, healthy and able to endure the riggers of the hunt. Whether you have a bird dog, a coon dog or a large hunt dog--such as those who hunt cougar or bear--the dog food you use should be formatted for your dog.

Purina Pro Plan

    Purina's Performance Formula is specially formulated for performance dogs; this includes hunting dogs as well as show dogs. It is made with real chicken, rice, glucosamine for healthy joints and has 20 percent fat and 30 percent protein.


    Eukanuba's Premium Performance 30/20 lets the consumer know the protein and fat percentage as it is stated in the name. With 30 percent protein and 20 percent fat, this dog food is aimed specifically for hunting and sporting dogs.


    Natural Choice High Energy dog food is high in fat and protein as well as has added glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health.

Royal Canin

    Cynotechnique Energy 4800 by Royal Canin is made for dogs that need extra energy and is packed with 32 percent protein and 30 percent fat for physical stamina.

Science Diet:

    Science Diet Adult Active is recommended for sporting dogs. It has 29.8 percent protein with 27.2 percent fat and 35.4 percent in carbohydrates.

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