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About a Pit Bull Shar Pei Mix

About a Pit Bull Shar Pei Mix

A pit bull shar pei mix is also called a sharpull terrier. The sharpull terrier is solid and muscular like a pit bull, but covered in a layer of wrinkled skin like the shar pei. This mix is not recognized by the American Kennel Club, but it is acknowledged by the International Designer Canine Registry and the Designer Dog Breed Registry. The pit bull shar pei mix is a powerful dog and recommended for advanced dog owners only.

Parent Breeds

    To better understand the pit bull shar pei mix, you must first understand the parent breeds. The Chinese shar pei is known for its devotion to its owner, as well as being an alert watchdog, and it is a fairly powerful dog. Similarly, a pit bull is an affectionate, intelligent dog, known for its power and athletic ability. Both breeds require regular exercise, training and proper socialization. Shar peis and pit bulls are loyal dogs that are very protective of their owners. Both breeds also require a strong, consistent pack leader because they can be stubborn, but they also respond well to positive reinforcement.

Physical Attributes

    When you mix a pit bull with a shar pei, the result is a medium-sized, sturdy dog, weighing in at approximately 60 pounds. These dogs often have wrinkles and loose skin like their shar pei parent. They are also known for having small paws and a medium-length coat. Proper grooming for a sharpull terrier includes weekly brushing in the winter, summer and fall months. During the spring, the sharpull will shed its winter coat, requiring daily brushing.

Temperament and Training

    The sharpull terrier is a very loving and loyal mix. He is a companion dog who loves being in the company of his owner. Pit bull shar pei mixes are smart dogs that also inherit stubborn qualities from their parent breeds. Therefore, it is important that training and socialization begin as soon as possible. Their stubborn nature may affect training in some cases, so undergoing training with a professional is recommended. Sharpulls are quiet dogs, not known for excessive barking. In the presence of new people, the sharpull may be standoffish or dominant.


    Pitbull shar pei mixes are generally healthy dogs; however, there are some health concerns of which to be mindful. The sharpull needs regular exercise along with a healthy diet, as it is susceptible to weight gain. Inverted eyelids and ear infections are also common due to the folds in the skin. These folds can trap bacteria, causing infection. The pit bull shar pei mix can also overheat easily because heat is trapped in the folds of skin. Therefore, during exercise, regular water breaks are recommended. The sharpull will also have good dental health when provided with regular teeth cleaning.


    The pit bull shar pei mix is a strong dog, both in body and spirit, and is not recommended for first time dog owners. This breed is better suited for more advanced dog owners. With proper training and socialization, this breed can make an excellent family pet. However, it is not recommended that this breed be left alone with babies or young children. With proper exercise, the sharpull can be very happy living in an apartment setting.

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